Lets get started with your 170 hr GSOC '23 project

Hi, This side Sulochan Khadka from NIT JAMSHEDPUR; I have constantly followed your webpages and also addressed many issues and dropped the steps to solve the issues; Have understood the code structure of yours. Therefore kindly handover the project to me to enable to start working with this project. I also have contributed to the open Source and solved many issues and bugs.

Hello @sulochan25,

Iā€™m afraid I cannot see any contribution you mad to any of the BookBrainz repositories.
I also do not understand what you mean by handing the project over to you, but I assume you are an aspiring GSOC participant and you want to make a proposal.
I strongly urge you to read the following pages in detail as they outline the process for participating in GSOC with MetaBrainz:

@mr_monkey , it is true that I have not been an active contributor at you repo, but I am active at tickets.metabrainz.org , but there, due to lack of proper guidance, I am unable to proceed. Since the project on administration system seems very interesting to me, I want to work on it but do not know how to start with the project ; It would be very kind of you if you guide me for this project. I have read all the related documents but am unable to understand my immediate next step to be taken. I have been maintaining my college(of national importance)'s official webpage and working in nodeJS , ExpressJs and SQL. In a nutshell, I am all set to start with this project but am unable to get a clear idea as the corresponding steps .

@mr_monkey i intend to take on this project below, i have built a similar system in the past with nodejs, typescript and swagger documentation. these tools are in use by Bookbrain, i have contributed to open source projects in the past and will therefore get the project done effectively.

Administration system

Proposed Mentors: Monkey
Languages/skills: Node.js, SQL, ExpressJS
Estimated Project Length: 175 hours
Difficulty: easy
Expected outcomes: A usable administration system with arbitrary levels of privileges


Welcome @jamesbright !