"Legends" (Marcus Miller, Eric Clapton, a.o.) as own artist?

Should the formation “Legends” (Marucs Miller, Eric Clapton, a. o.) be an own Artist in MB?
I think, it was a (super) band, like many others.

See e.g. https://www.whereseric.com/the-vault/band-history-and-lineups/legends.
Or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Miller: “In 1997 he played bass guitar and bass clarinet in a band called Legends …”

Here an album of them:

Or https://www.discogs.com/The-Legends-Crossing-Over-Festival/release/12850023 (but a wrong artist is used there!).

Basically it’s a general question, when a project (i.e. a collaboration of two or more people) is a own entity (and maybe also a legal entity), or not.
IMHO “Legends” should be an own artist.

BTW: https://www.musik-sammler.de/artist/legends-2/


I’m with you and in favour. It probably hasn’t been done because it requires a lot of changes for their only album.


Looking at the sources I’d agree with making them a band, but I know nothing about the artists otherwise.


I don’t think every collaboration is automatically a new artist. I would prefer the collaborative version. If I look on the cover on musik-sammler.de, “Legends” would be part of the title, but anyway, I doubt they considered themselves to be a group.
Interesting concert though, I’ll try to get it!

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So there is already the “Legends” group and you can add a second release. It would definitely improve the current state if you merge the Montreux gig into a release of the Legends, but first of all, I don’t think Legends is a very good (=specific) artist name and I still prefer to have it a collaboration.

(some collaborations have lasted for years and several releases without having a group name)

With a Release like this I’d always make an extra effort to add the Performers. At least at Release level. Even better if specific instruments can be linked.

That way anyone looking in to Eric Clapton (etc) will still find this work linked to him.


Already done (see edits) – just on Release level, since we have no details who played/sings what on track level.


Just look at the edits :wink:

I will not change the existing release by now.

Well, yes – but this was the decision of Marcus Miller, Eric Clapton or somebody else (from them/their team).
Even if there is not much reference for this formation – even to be a discrete Artist – there are several relevant and reliable sources.


@NeroA If this was only a short-term collaboration then the Artist-Artist “member of band” relationship should not be used, instead use the “collaboration” relationship.

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Sounds good,

I would prefer collaboration relationship now.
Let’s wait for further response.

This basically means "if it’s a one off collaboration like “Artist A and Artist B”, just link the two with artist credits instead of creating a separate artist.

Is it a “one off collaboration”? Or a short lived Band who did an 11 date tour of summer Jazz festivals?

Some of those links imply they performed under the “Legends” name to down play their fame as individuals. That seems to be the way it is written up on the Eric Claption link in the OP. And the images of the DVD and BluRays seem to clearly use the Legends name consistently.

I’d call them a full band as this is more than “one-off” as they performed together for a summer season. I see a “one-off” as those occasions performers get together at a festival for a impromptu jam of some form.

Also looking at those links they seem to be fairly consistent with the instruments. At Release Level it seems the credits could be upgraded from Performer to

Eric Clapton - electric guitar
Marcus Miller - electric bass / bass clarinet
Joe Sample - piano
David Sanborn - alto sax
Steve Gadd - drums

And, for bonus points, one could just listen to the tracks and pick out when the instruments appear… or am I just a an extreme nerd when I do things like that? :crazy_face: :joy: :nerd_face:

AFIAK they did only this tour in summer '97.
I only know the Blu-Ray/DVD from Montreux as official release (by now). All other seems to be bootlegs.

I even don’t know the instruments in this detail level (e.g. “alto sax”) and I even don’t know where u got it.
Since I don’t know it in detail, I’ll not change it. For me it’s just enough to have the performers. Even if instruments will be added, it might good enough to have just the instrument-family (e.g. “saxophone”). I don’t even know the difference between e.g. an “alto sax” and a “tenor sax”.

Well, :nerd_face:
Especially on Recording level I can’t say it in detail, if someone played instrument type A1 or A2. In the best case I can say it was an instrument of family A.
At live gigs I wonder sometimes, why a musician uses a different guitar for each song. I don’t know if the guitar is just tuned different, or just tuned new, or if it is a different subtype. I just see and hear a guitar.

Basically I’m against guessing too much (but I think I see it quite just often here).

However: If someone has more reliable details or needs them, he can add them.


What about the type of relationship? Is “member of band” good or “collaboration” better?

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All discussions work best with evidence so I’ve uploaded some stuff for you to chew into … have fun! :wink:


Thanks a lot! That’s interesting. According to Michael Heatley, author of over 30 biographies, including “Backstreet Boys: The Unofficial Book” (Wikipedia), it is a group. According to the back cover information “Legends is a unique concert…”. I love it! :joy:

The reason why I’m opposed to the group is a mere practical one. On KODI it will appear as a separate album artist with only one release. If it’s a collaborative effort it appears under all 5 artists as one of their releases.
Although I must admit, it has no implications at all at the moment as I haven’t got this concert yet. :rofl:


I’m also a Kodi user and DaveBlake’s work on the music part is the main motivation that brought me here. This release however has me unconcerned as the BluRay shows up under videos… :sweat_smile:
Just a hint… no matter how the release is submitted to MusicBrainz, you can always edit your own tags and edit the MBIDs so that several artists appear… You could even use different MBIDs for album artist and artists… perhaps that is the way to go here officially, a bit like in classical releases.


That’s what I’ve done before I started adding all my music to MB. Now I like to have all correctly tagged with original information retrieved from MusicBrainz. Faking information? No way! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I clicked through your links, and clicked the DVD, and clicked to the track list - and the instruments are at the bottom of the page: Legends - Live At Montreux 1997 | DVD (2005, Live) von Legends

I have also seen those confirmed on other pages when I was clicking about on this last week.

Oh - and if you are watching the DVD it is fairly easy to spot the difference between Marcus playing his bass guitar :guitar:or his clarinet. And when David walks on with a sax. :saxophone:

Yes, different tuning. Different sounds. Six string, twelve string, acoustic, electric. Even two electric guitars tuned the same can sound different. Different choices of strings can sound different, or the wood the guitar is made from (Tells the inner Nerd to shut up - lol :nerd_face: :crazy_face: )

I’ve seen some guitarists swap guitars in the middle of a track for a solo. (Yeah - I’m one of them older guys still at the gigs pretending to be half my age…)

In this case I would have thought that adding them at Release Level makes sense as that is how they are declared on the DVD. Aha - I see @Jorgosch has added some artwork. And there is the booklet confirmation.

ARGH!! You are about to make this mad nerd look for a copy of this now just to fill the instruments in per track. :rofl:

On a saner side. Why do I do this? It gives me even more joy from the music. Seeing how it is put together. How the parts of the whole are made. It is one of the side effects I love of MB - it gives me an even deeper appreciation of the music I listen to.

Next lesson - learning Picard scripting so this kind of edit happens automagically when you re-tag your files.

Oh - and “Hi” to the KODI users in this thread. I am sure KODI and Dave Blake’s work has added a huge pile of quality data to MB. I am here at MB 100% due to Dave’s work.

I update the performers and instruments at MB as I know one day this data will appear in KODI. Either Dave or Son of Dave will make use of these details… :crystal_ball: