Latest daily build from 21.11.2016? Newer version?

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I got a message that the Picard bug #706 is fixed.

But on my usual daily build site:
the latest successful build for Picard is from 21.11.2016.

Do we have another source for daily builds with a newer version, including the fixed #706?

I would love to see a new build as well. There has been a lot of activity in Picard lately and it would be nice to see that in action.

@lukz (who did these daily builds) said on IRC on 2016-11-11 that he would soon need to discontinue Windows/OS X builds “for some time”. It’s quite possible that happened ten days later.

It actually happened just a few weeks ago, but there were no commits before that, so the last built is from november. I can get the Windows build working, but I’ll have to switch from Jenkins to GitLab CI. I’m not sure about the OS X one, that might be more difficult.


Can you please try if this work?


The setup itself works for me (ignoring the Win10 unsecure source - warning).
But the picard bug #706 seems not be applied or not yet working.
Existing acoustid in music files still produce the same error during a scan attempt:

E: 23:57:05 Network request error for Error downloading - server replied: BAD REQUEST (QT code 299, HTTP code 400)

The fix for this introduces a new option “Ignore existing AcoustID fingerprints”, which is off by default. Is this option available in the build you use?

@outsidecontext: You are right, my mistake!
In Options -> Options -> Fingerprinting
I have to activate
"Ignore existing AcoustID fingerprints"
and the error is gone.
Thanks for that hint and thank you @lukz for this build!

could you fire up a build of 2.0 for windows? Are you able to build those? I have been trying to build 2.0 for windows but there seem to be many things broken on windows 10 and python in the instructions I have found. thanks.

No, I’m afraid I can’t. I don’t have a build environment for Picard anymore.

Ok. I got it to run from source. Came close to a successful compile, but there appears to be a bug with the final build step in the latest source, as it does not seem to be able to interpret the “bdist_nsis” target and produces and error. I will just run it from source.