Latest AC/DC album: “PWR/UP”, “Pwr/Up”, “Power Up”, or something else?

So how should this album be titled here? I just do not get why the RG and every release currently listed there are using the all caps form “POWER UP” :confused:

That is how it is titled on all digital releases. The tags on the downloaded files, the listing in the store (iTunes, HDtracks, etc.). Seems to be the most common title used everywhere including


Don’t forget to add aliases.
Individual releases get titled on MB as they are on the release. Computer tags are a separate issue.

The entire topic is relevant, but here is something I said on a related topic:

Just seen this same argument over at Discogs… they ended up with PWR UP which is just daft. Correction - they have now gone back to the sensible Power Up.

Nice to see we have that Digital option to at least get a sensible name.

I see the majority of the external links on the RG page have Power Up. That would be my personal choice. ALL CAPS JUST LOOKS ODD, BUT THEN AC/DC IS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED LOUD :rofl:

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Well the band name is stylistically written with AC(lightning bolt)DC and It think they are emulating that with the album cover artwork showing PWR(lightning bolt)UP.

So, if the band name is AC/DC, seems like the album name should be PWR/UP

Best to look at what the band are using. IT is their album.They are calling it “Power Up”. And always says “Power Up” when discussed on the website.

Note the AC/DC shop sells “Power Up” in mixed case.

It gets a stylised PWRϟUP on the cover and the merchendise, but every description uses standard Australian Power Up


What title does the regular edition jewel case spine shows?
The box edition spine apparently shows PWR UP.

I would suggest either “PWR/UP” (to match the spine) or “Power Up” (normalized). My opinion is that “POWER UP” (all caps) is incorrect.

That settles only the digitals, though I think we should use the Title Case here. On physical releases however such title (POWER UP) is nowhere to be found.


I just had a look and the website refers to the physical release interchangeably as PWRUP and POWER UP.

I have to say that I don’t think there is a ‘correct’ answer and that I look forward to it being argued over and changed back and forth for the next millennia :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to have a new Brujeria/Brujería, depending on the time of day (I sure there are better examples, but 7 changes back and forth isn’t bad!)