LastFM AutoRate - Autorate Tracks Plugins

I created a plugin called LastFM AutoRate to autorate tracks using data from LastFM using a formula I developed. I used plugin code as a reference. It worked pretty well for me, but I wrote a plugin for another app that works better for me.

I figured I’d release it in case anyone is interested. To install, copy the whole folder into your Picard plugins folder.


Thanks a lot, interesting idea, I like this. A few things to note, also for users wanting to try this:

  • The plugin currently is for Picard 1.x only, it is not compatible with Picard 2
  • You should consider replacing the urrlib.urlopen calls by using the Picard webservice module. See e.g. the plugin for an example on how to do this. This has the advantage of not adding an additional dependency and also not blocking the UI.

If this gets updated to work with current Picard versions you could consider submitting it for the official plugins list on