Plugin Version? Best Picard Version?

First, what versions of Picard does plugin work on? Next, what version do you like best? I am on the latest one and am trying to learn the program. I work in IT but this program is quite interesting.

AFAIK, the standard plugins are not working (protocol or URL change, I believe).

fdemmer has updated the plugin and it has been working well for me - you can find it here:

I have been using the nightly build without any issues for the last few months. It fixed a few issues that were a problem for me, so it was worth it.




Is it time to remove the standard plugins?

And maybe point new users to Github while telling them that a degree of IT ability will be required?

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Thanks a lot. I am still quite new to github. Not my fav.

I just recently took some java classes that were pretty awesome. SQL is my fav. prog language though. In Java we had to learn how to use git. I think some courses on git alone should be required yes. I dig the scrobbler for my winamp prog. I wish more people would use You can definitely see what your pals are listening to and discover other bands. But yet there is pandora and spotify which is my fav if I am looking for specific whole albums.


Give a link to
which is always a ZIP of the latest version. No need to get familiar with git, you just need some directions to unpack into the right folder.

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