import. Many listens that aren’t mine

New user.
I just imported my data and the total play count number seems correct but there are a large number of listens that aren’t mine:
Tracks I’ve never listened to and don’t appear on my profile.
I deleted my listens, reset the time stamp, and re-imported and the same thing happened except this time the listens that aren’t mine are different.
Any suggestions?

Looking a little deeper it seems that it’s only the last 2-3 days (Aug 29-31) that are a mess.
Prior to that it looks correct.

ListenBrainz uses API to import your scrobbles, and unfortunately can return some nonsense responses (including empty responses and someone else’s scrobbles).

I just ran my own script for getting my scrobbles using API, and it’s a mess right now. I’m getting multiple API errors or empty responses.

This seems to happen to API from time to time. I don’t think there’s anything one can do except to try again later. Give it a few hours, maybe someone will have a look at it and fix it in the morning (GMT).


I think you’re right.
I just checked via two 3rd party apps I use and the results were bonkers there too.

Whatever it was, looks like it’s fixed now.

So just go ahead and retry, hopefully you’ll get correct results this time.


Thanks for letting me know.
I’ve reset and reimported a couple times since my last post.
I tired a new import today and same issue.
This time there are less errant tracks with one time listens but there are artists and releases in my top 50 (I haven’t looked much further) that I’ve never listened to.

I’ve also noticed that whenever I do an import it imports my entire even when I haven’t reset the time stamp. Which I don’t think is intended behaviour?

Definitely not.

I deleted my own listens and tried to import again, and I got the same issue with the last import timestamp as you described.

I also got a difference in the number of scrobbles reported at the end of import process (the number was the same as in my profile), and the number of listens displayed in my ListenBrainz user page (it was about 50k less than it should be).

I don’t know why it’s happening. I deleted my listens again, I’ll retry importing from in a few days.

Good to know it’s not just me.
I wondered if it was a network issue or related to tracker blockers.

It seems pretty random.
I was able to do a update earlier this week that just imported the latest listens.

I just tried importing from again, and the results are still not right.

I have 451 832 scrobbles in After the importer finished it said 451 832 scrobbles were imported. So far so good. But my ListenBrainz user page says I have 411 624 listens, so about 40k less than what was imported.

I “talked” to ListenBrainz API, and the result is the same:

$ curl -s | jq
  "payload": {
    "count": 411624

My last import timestamp is zero, event though the latest listens in my profile page are from today:

$ curl -s | jq
  "latest_import": 0,
  "musicbrainz_id": "Alioth"

I also browsed the list of my artists. There are more artists imported that I have in, but this is because of duplicates, not someone else’s scrobbles.

So it appears importing really isn’t working well. I hope someone from ListenBrainz team can investigate these issues.

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