import makes the White Album split into half

A curiosity I had when importing my history ( into ListenBrainz (ulkigpulkig's Stats - ListenBrainz): The Beatles’s “White Album” - of which I never had more than one digital copy, both parts from the same version - suddenly appears as two White Albums. I guess that the artificial intelligence found the wrong MusicBrainz IDs. Is there a way to merge them or will I have to live with my top-10 actually being a top-9?

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It seems to me that the top 10 lists should be using ‘release group’ instead of ‘release’. I assume would be most users preference as well?


Sounds reasonable - that would catch both such mistakes and I don’t think that actual persons exist who say “my favorite album is this specific release”.

Oh, trust me they are out there !
And probably a MusicBrainz user, too :smiley:
Wanting to know specifically how many times they listened to their vinyl and how many times they listened to the digital version of the album? Not by far the most picky suggestion I can think of.

However I agree in the context of these statistics we could ignore this very specific niche requirement and use release groups instead.

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For reference, we do have a ticket for this: LB-1042

Pinging @lucifer who is the master of all things statistics in LB.
Not sure how hard/cumbersome this would be to achieve.


I think we should eventually let users drill into that detail, but I don’t think that basic stats overview page is the best place for it.

But with that in mind… @lucifer, if it’s trivial, maybe we should store both types of top 10 (by release, and by release group)? For future use.

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