Language tag on a per album basis?

Hi, as it seems, Picard does not touch the LANGUAGE field despite having a field for it per-release in the DB. Upon browsing the forums, I got the idea that it only applies the LANGUAGE tag if the work language is in the DB. I was wondering if it were somehow possible to apply the tag on a per-release basis (Yes, I’m aware that this might cause trouble with multilingual releases) based on the language field of the release?

Yes, use a script:


The reason why Picard by default only sets it from the work is that by definition the language tag is the lyrics language, but the language set for a release is the tracklist language. In many cases it is the same, but not always.


Thanks! Are there any fields in the Musicbrainz DB that might help in indicating the language of the content (lyrics), and not the tracklisting?

Edit: Silly me, I’m practically asking about the %language% field, which is kind of under-populated in the DB.