Language consistency in work names

Is there any guidance, trend or preference regarding the consistency of language in work names. I am aware that sometimes the original language is used and sometimes English, but should it be consistent within a work or doesn’t it matter so long as the right aliases are there?
For example:
The ‘parent’ work name is in Russian cyrillic text, but all the parts are in English. Any views?

There are no guidelines for this, but I prefer the original language. That is not always the composer’s native language of course. It isn’t particularly important though, but aliases are neat to have. It would help if there was a tool for adding aliases for a work and all of its sub-works in one go.


Not to mention aliases in general – I remember a discussion a bit ago that touched on the feasability of transitioning to aliases being the primary means of storing names (rather than their current status as “that thing everyone forgets to add”), but I forget what people said about the ratio of completed to necessary work for doing so. Admittedly, the main thing I’d be interested in with that change would be sort names for non-artist entities…


I think it might be confusing for a lot of inexperienced users if instead of just adding an artist they are immediately confronted with aliases. The amount of information you can enter is already quite intimidating for some. Maybe have an option to set an artist name locale, which will automatically add the main artist name and its locale as an alias?

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The user interface doesn’t have to change at all, the initial artist name can be created as a sole “artist name” type alias on Artist creation. It’s an implementation detail.
And we are currently working towards improving UX in general to make everything less confusing (incl. toying with the idea of “layering” the interface, so users can tailor the interface by adding/hiding sections relevant to them), so maybe we can actually have a better interface Soon™ while still using aliases for names/titles.