Labels: rename and merge Russia/n /Revelation(classical)

There seems to be label
"The Classical Revelation: Russia"
that has been named
Revelation (classical music)

Russian Revelation

in the MB database.
The label can be seen on the front CA of the releases of the labels above.
And on the rear CA at

Is the label correctly named, The Classical Revelation: Russia or Russia: The Classical Revelation?
Am I mising something?
If not I will change the name and merge the existing labels.

The label is “Revelation”. “The Classical Revelation: Russia” looks more like a series. Or maybe it’s an imprint. I don’t think even the record company cares about the difference. :grinning:

I’d merge them.

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Arrrrh - because we use the SPINE!


There seems to be tension between using the spine and Label Guidelines.
Labels in MusicBrainz refer mainly to imprints.
An imprint is (strictly, and nothing more than) a brand (and trademark) associated with the marketing of sound recordings (an imprint is not a company). … Imprints are the information you certainly want to add in the database and is the information available on sleeves in the form of a label logo (a.k.a. imprint). Imprints are labels, as one usually understand it. Specifically, you should favor using names as they are represented on the imprint, rather than using a company name (usually found in “copyright”/“produced” mentions).

Would appreciate more discussion.