Label: Sony Music CG


Discover this label used only for Digital releases and it seems more a distributor used on platforms rather than a real label: All the physical versions got released under different one (ex: Sony Music, Epic,…).
I wonder if it should not be more edited as a “Distributor” or “holding” for LEgacy UK and Spotlight.

see details in annotation here

I see no problem with just keeping it as Sony Music CG. Sony is usually pretty good at putting the imprints on releases most of the time, i.e. Columbia, RCA, Epic, etc. No, it’s not a distributor. The distributor is Sony Music Entertainment. There are labels that are digital only, even when their physical counterparts have different labels. Rhino Atlantic is one that comes to mind. So, my point is that because it’s Sony, I tend to think it’s a legit digital imprint as they typically put Epic, RCA, etc. when they want that. Only add to a “distributor” or “holding” if that’s what the release actually states.


Thanks, for the answer, I let it as is so.

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