Label question

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I have searched the forms and read the How_to_Identify_Labels doc but am left with the following questions.

I understand imprint, but what do you do when the spine shows “Columbia/LEGACY” or , “Columbia L” and the back cover has the Columbia logo and to the right of it the LEGACY logo, or the word Columbia on top of a Legacy logo with the word Legacy under the logo, and the catalog starts with “CK”. There is no Columbia/LEGACY label, do I add both labels, or only Columbia because of the “CK”.

The same question for epic/LEGACY on the spine and on the back both the epic logo and the LEGACY logo, catalog starts with “EK”. Add both labels using the same “EK” catalog number, or just epic?

Then there is ELEKTRA/RHINO on the spine with the back having both Elektra and Rhino logos but the catalog number suggests Rhino because it begins with “R2” and not “EK”. Add both labels using the same “R2” catalog number, or just Rhino?

There could be others but right now I have a lot of added releases that I have to go back and edit due to the Columbia->CBS->Sony (or SBME) mess.


If spine shows 2 labels, then those are the main labels (but it’s not possible to mark them as such yet).
I think you should add all visible labels:


I thought I had seen that done. So for some of my Roy Orbison’s its either “Monument/Legacy”, “Monument/Orbison Records/Legacy”, “Orbison Records/Legacy”, “Legacy Roy’s Boys”, “Roy’s Boys Legacy”, or just “Monument” depending on the CD release (those were all on the spine).