Korean-language Style Guide Proposal

Since there has been more and more activity on the site for Korean releases and artists, I believe a dedicated style guide for Korean releases is now warranted.

In that proposed style guide, we could standardize formatting, name and alias formats and styles, grouping of releases and various other topics on top of the existing general style guides.

I’m willing to work on the draft, but I’d first like to see some inputs from other editors, especially those active on Korean releases.
Tagging a few people that I know of, please tag anyone else you’d like to chime in in the comments:
@wtfislibrious @DontMindMe @loonavivi

Also tagging the style leader for opinions: @reosarevok

For the content, I think we can draw some inspiration from the Japanese style guide, because I feel like some rules, namely the capitalisation exception, may apply as well.


i loved this idea, i support it. It would definitely make the work less confusing.

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There was a STYLE proposal for a set of Korean language guidelines over 10 years ago, but it languished in the pipeline.


Interesting. It looks like the user proposing the changes never followed up on the replies. Regarding the proposal location, should I create a wiki page in my user namespace as well once I have my draft ready?


We have our own wiki you can use. Alternatively you can open a duplicate JIRA ticket.

Right, that’s what I meant. Basically, a page User:Maxr1998/<page title> in the MusicBrainz wiki. Thanks for the tip!


About a week late, but yes please! I know we’ve all gone back and forth on various style issues so it’ll be very helpful to have a style guide to reference.