Kinda Noobie: How to add the following as script


following “wish”:
I want “Picard” to show me the info (in this order :slight_smile:

For example:

Beatles, The (the artistname) + song name + the released year + genre

Can someone please help me out with a script ?!

Thanks a lot for an answer,


Have you had a look at the Writing a File Naming Script tutorial in the documentation? That should give you a good start on what you’re after. If you post a copy of what you have so far, we can probably make specific suggestions on changes.


I assume that when you say “show me the info in this order” you mean that you want the file named in this way.

(That does not imply that your music player will show the information in that order when you play the track. That is down to the player you use and different players do different things.)

I also believe in the motto “Bob helps those who help themselves” and suggest you look at the documentation first.

There are also complications relating to track release year and genre - please see extensive debate elsewhere in this discussion board.

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