Keep Cover Art

Or rather, never, ever touch it Picard!

I read through this

and I’m none the wiser (and I cant test it right now).

Is there a way to tell Picard to never touch embedded cover art?

I thought I could add it in the “preserve these tags…” list but I cant even find the item cover art/image.

Also, is there a way to sort by “status icon”? You know, the golden disc, the silver disc thingy. I couldnt figure it out and didnt find it in the manual. I suppose I should be able to sort by this criteria since some of those matches clearly need special and manual attention.

So, coming with 2.7. Anyone know when that will be?

Also, 9 years??? Man I got good timing lol.

Why don’t you disable cover art altogether? (Uncheck first box.) As long as you don’t have “clear existing tags” checked (and why would you?), it won’t touch embedded cover art, but will overwrite any other tags with MBs entries.


Considering nowadays people have so many options where to get their music files from, like many others, I’d like to start with a (almost) clean slate when using a full fledged meta database tagger like Picard.

So to get rid of all those pesky tags that no one wants.

Except the artwork. How is this so difficult to achieve?

Well apparently it comes with 2.7, so I’ll wait.

I totally get the frustration, but remember that this is an open source community resource. There are thousands of open tickets for the few actual employees to deal with, and a huge amount is done by volunteers.

It’s up to you too make change happen just as much as the rest of us. Not saying you have to code (I don’t), but let’s be respectful towards those that give up their time to do so :+1:

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I get that. And I am appreciative of the whole open source community and the labour put into projects like Picard.

Just saying, if the ticket opener had invested in bitcoin when he/she opened it, they could be buying a couple of record labels by now. :joy:


Totally, and if the ticket opener had hired someone to do their change for them on day one, they wouldn’t have had to wait at all :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a workaround for you: Download “Jaikoz” (the test version is enough). Load all your music files in and click “Save Artwork to filesystem” in the Menu. Give the images a distinct name if you already have other artwork in your folders in order to prevent other files like “front” or “folder” etc. from being overwritten. It takes only seconds to have all embedded covers saved into their respective folders. Then in Picard you may safely check “clear existing tags” AND in the Cover-Art menu under Local files change the regular expression to your distinct file name solely. Like this:


Make sure Cover-Art download is deactivated.


Thanks mate.

But this would still delete the cover in Picard but I would have the saved/exported image in the album folder to re-import and save in the file again, right?

If so, I already have all cover art in the folders present. I’m just trying to find a way where I can get all of the MB database madness saved to my files and keep my existing cover images without having to re-apply them.
There’s just so many, soooooo many files I have to process, every step saved is tons of time, cpu cycles and money saved.

I think I await 2.7. Cant be too far off and if the rumours are true, cover art can be excluded natively from being deleted. yay.

Yes, my workaround would delete the cover and re-apply it. And without having to download images from the Internet, Picard is very fast, and re-applying covers from the same folder should not make any noticeable difference … but it is of course your decision.