Jumped, Skipped, Broken Audio

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Hi, I am new to the program but I think there is a problem with the Picard program. I am using a Macbook Air on macOS Sierra 10.12.6. The Picard is at version 2.0.4

IDK if anyone has this problem but my problem is that retagged audio skips. I’ve checked beforehand that the audio was working properly, but after retagging and giving album covers to them, the audio began to sound wonky.

It’s kinda a shame that I found this problem out after 20 retags, but I am just curious as to why this happened. I, obviously, am going to redownload the audio and leave the tags off the next time.

I don’t know how this should be caused since Picard only deals with the metadata, not the audio. But hard to tell without seeing the affected files. I sent you a message via your MusicBrainz profile, you should have gotten an e-mail.

Also what software do you use for playback? Is the audio also broken when using a different player?

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