$join() with a / character as a separator?

Is there a workaround for / being automatically swapped out for a _?

My use case is that I am trying to compose a pathname variable like so:

$set(_path,$join(%_variable_a%; %_variable_b; %_variable_c,/))

Perhaps there is a case for a $something() that will insert a path delimiter for the correct platform, or a $path(element1,element2,and so on)?

As you need this for filenaming you could do this join in the file naming script. It looks like you are currently setting the _path variable in a tagger script.


I’d like to set a variable that I can then also use while saving cover art.

In that case, perhaps you could create the multi-value variable and do the $join() in the file naming script and the cover art script?


That worked, but I’ve been trying to use $join(x; y,/) for a few of the elements that made up the _path variable. Might have to rethink what I’m doing here.

I haven’t tried this, but maybe you could do something like:

$setmulti(_part1,x; y)
$setmulti(_part2,a; b)
$setmulti(_combined,%_part1%; %_part2%)

to create the combined multi-value that you later $join().

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Thanks, that did the trick.

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However, I don’t think this works in the cover art filename field

I thought something like this might get me the absolute path to where I would like the images saved:

$join(%_artwork_path%,/)/$if(%coverart_types%,$join(%coverart_types%, + ),front)$if(%coverart_comment%, \(%coverart_comment%\),)

Is there another way? The structure I’m trying to recreate is the one from my thread. If it’s a no go, then I can just hold on till the next update, or whenever the bug is fixed.