Jesus and Muḥammad in MB

i have added two relationships, so this is no longer a necessary concern. :slight_smile: i’m sure there are hundreds of other songs that he is credited to.


I’m thinking that if the birthdate is known to be 25th Dec then this is not a real person but instead a character as there is not, AIUI, agreement among historians as to the birthdate of the real person.

Depends on who you ask … there are a lot of different traditions, factions, sects etc. with different opinions on various subjects. Of course a lot of those groups claim to be the only real Islam, but a generalised statement like “music is forbidden in Islam” just can’t true.


Amongst the music made by Muslims is the call the prayer.

There is other Islamic music too. Here is a devotional song by a Muslim, Abdullah Ibrahim.
Abdullah Ibrahim--Zikr عبدالله ابراهيم- ذكر - YouTube

You crack me up!!! :rofl:

I thought Christians originally chose that date as it allowed the original cult to hide their celebrations around the solstice celebrations that were already going on. I understand historians have found alternate dates based on a censor not being held at that time of year.

Also the date will have shifted due to calendar changes over the decades.

MB is a music database and we should not really be going into these kinds of debates. Especially not making up dates without references. Even Wikipedia puts the DoB into 3BC.


Yes. I’m arguing that
IF " the date is known"
THEN “we are not talking about a historical person but instead a fictional character”
BECAUSE “” the b.d. of the historical person is unknown".

I’ve not seen an IF…THEN…BECAUSE… before so I confuddled.

Many real historical people have unknown birth dates. We have a number of Greek philosopher’s also in the database. Don’t know accurate dates for them, that doesn’t make them fictional.


The date, which was only recently added, has been removed.

So, that is now a moot point, the same as Mohamed not having any credits.


I grew up in the church, and I’ve got a couple things to add…

I agree that we should use a historically accurate name for Jesus, whether Aramaic, Greek, or Hebrew, (with the proper aliases, of course, which I see are already there).

I agree with these sentiments. it may seem strange to the non-religious among us, but that is sometimes how it is, at least in my experience.

I’ve heard that too, pretty sure the same thing happened with Easter, and has kinda been happening recently with Halloween and Church Fall Festivals (which just happen to fall on October 31st). :wink:

also, here’s a related ticket:

(hey, it looks like Jesus himself added that…) :joy:


He moves in mysterious ways.

I have always assumed that @jesus2099 is a preview of JC’s return in 2099. He certainly performs miracles with some of his scripts.


Can we agree, though, that divine beings would be an exceptional case? If Jesus is credited, it would be generally understood to be in a spiritual sense, but claiming that Justin Bieber sang or David Bowie played saxophone on my recording is different and IMO should not be allowed.


certainly! that could probably be a samples relationship anyways~ :wink:

If it’s an actual sample, of course. I was thinking of the “inspirational” Bieber example that @teethfairy gave above. Like, just because I felt like I was channeling David Bowie when recording the saxophone part doesn’t mean that we credit David Bowie

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I don’t agree, if we don’t allow it for people that we are sure existed, we should not allow it for anyone, including The Tooth Fairy, even if it’s proven she offered presents to many children.

Then exactly same for Jesus, Muhammad, the 101 Smurfs and The Holly Tooth Fairy. No reasons otherwise.

Except dedicated to, or something like that, that can be applied to whatever the artist said.


But outside of 2000 year old deities - would we credit Yoko Ono as a writer if John Lennon said “she was my muse”.

*For the record, I remember participating in that discussion. So I already know that we credited her years after the fact even though there was no actual writing being done and no credit given at the time.


If, then, because,
THEREFORE the fictional no-confidence date should be removed.

(I read that the date has been removed.)

Ain’t EN great?
You and I having congruent understandings of this issue but you, (AIUI) thinking I had a contrary understanding, reasonably interpreted me to be arguing that the Artist was fictional, whereas I didn’t see that the use of implied IF, THEN, BECAUSE, and THEREFORE would leave my words wide open to being reasonably interpretted as being an argument against our shared ((AIUI) understanding.
Better if EN users leave their Roddenberry Universal Translators switched on when doing EN-EN comms?

To me your last three posts seem to have been through Google translate a few times. I kinda lost the meanings somewhere. Sorry. This Babel Fish I use is clearly playing up. It is just me being dumb with the big words. :grin:

The pseudo code was especially confusing.

IF (a statement == true)
   do this
  do completely different

Is more what I am used to. Computers being dumb don’t usually have an “this is why I did this” BECAUSE clause. And the I Think THEREFORE I Am clause is reserved for HAL and WOPR. :robot:

If you were saying “Delete the birth date as it is a guess” then I agree with you. :partying_face:

If we don’t tell the other Editors that we negotiate nuclear weapons treaties for our day jobs then they won’t be worried.