Jesus and Muḥammad in MB

i put it up for a vote to see what others think. :slight_smile: perhaps we could use his hebrew or greek name, but i believe english is wrong. i think a lot of english speakers forget it’s not the only language (even i do sometimes), it wasn’t even the language the bible was originally in.

no, i didn’t add relationships (yet), but i did explain why i added him. he probably has many dedicated works that should be added as relationships. he exists in mb for the exact same reason jesus does, there just hasn’t been relationships added yet. by adding him, he already exists, so anyone who wants to add a relationship doesn’t have to add a whole new artist. :slight_smile:

yes, they should definitely have “person”. it’s been proven by historians that jesus and muhammad exist. the actual story of their lives are debated, but they are definitely people.


Don’t they forbid music?
If not, sorry of my ignorance, religions are not my cup of tea.
But anyway, yes sure we can keep any artists.

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This may be true for Mohammed, but not for Jesus.

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Scholars differ about the beliefs and teachings of Jesus as well as the accuracy of the biblical accounts, with two events being supported by nearly universal scholarly consensus: Jesus was baptized and crucified.

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We should have posted in the off topic erh… topic. Freso has split and moved it, now, thanks. :grin:

So, Jesus got it, Unicorns got it, Muhammad now got it, Mickey Mouse got it too with data; But we are lacking a few of them like The Tooth Fairy and Buddha, etc.

The Jesus releases are just wrong, that Jesus could not have performed for a 2017 recording.
The Muhammad does not contain relationships, yet.

Do we really want to add these funny stuff, non musical projects, prior to having any real data relationships to use?
Prove me wrong by adding relevant relationships. :wink:


He may not have personally turned up, but it has been * credited * to him by the artist, so this is who we should credit. In the same way that Mickey Mouse never performed on those tracks - but someone who represented him did. Which is why Mickey gets the credit.

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That’s not what we usually do.
When an artist has an alias, we use credited as.
Here the person behind Jesus on that track, I don’t know if it’s an instrumental or a vocalist, but it’s either the main artist in disguise or it is [unknown] credited as Jesus, a person who recorded stuff in 2017.

Mickey is set as a Character.
If Jesus was also set as a Character, then maybe ok.


I think this is being a bit unfair to religious belief. If that artist thought he had Jesus with him, then he did. Just because we don’t believe in JC it should not stop an artist from identifying their support as Jesus. Artist intent \ etc.

I am hoping someone truly religious can step into this conversation. I would support their right to identify their support artist in the way they choose to. Jesus is very real to many people.

(This is really funny - arguing with Jesus about Jesus’ right to identify as Jesus. Maybe * you * don’t exist? Have you checked you are not a figment of your own imagination. :joy: This is getting surreal. Am I here? I don’t know any more :upside_down_face:)


If I make a track called I ARE THE BEST (FEAT. DONALD TRUMP), it would be just a joke like here with Jesus.
Using the real Donald in the MB artist credit would be as wrong as using the old Jesus in that 2017 joke? track.

By the way what?! @teethfairy and @jesus2099, two deities discussing in the same internet topic?! :crazy_face:


i hate to continue the long conversation in this thread but i don’t know how to (or if i even can) split it into a new topic hahah. but i’ll give my two cents in as a religious person:

if i credited Jesus as a performer on a song it would probably because i genuinely believed He was performing or writing “through” me. kinda like , if i sang a whole verse of justin bieber’s “baby” in my song, and i said “this is my song Infant by teethfairy feat. Justin Bieber”, that would be a perfectly valid use of artist credits. justin bieber obviously didn’t physically show up to my recording session but he was definitely a part of the process.

please ignore me comparing Jesus to justin bieber

many of the artists who credited Jesus mightve been joking, and in that case id probably leave it in the title, but there’s not really a way to know who’s joking and who’s not on a large scale



There’s maybe a little ambiguity with a deity (who can say for sure that Jesus was not present?) but I disagree with your Bieber example. If he didn’t actually perform on the recording, he shouldn’t be credited. (Other than, obviously, via the work being performed.)

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well, i kind of agree. i definitely agree that it would be silly for an artist to publish a song that way. but if an artist did make that choice, id say there’s enough involvement to enter it as it appears on the release. as long as it’s not obviously a joke of course

I believe we should defer to artist intent on stylistic issues, but not factual ones.


And then I wake and need to toss me 2 cents into it -
Jesus has credits. I am not concerned about him being here.
Mohammed has no credits. How long do we let him stay before we remove him while we wait for ‘someday someone might somehow credit him’?

But Jesus, on the other hand, has had some recent edits. Someone added a fake date of birth. A fake place of birth. Right now, an open edit is lying in wait changing his name to the non-English version.
Its one thing, IMO, to have Jesus listed. But another to perpetuate false information.


I agree with justcheckingthisout.This’d be fun having Jesus’ birthday at 25 December on 2022/04/01
But that ain’t today.
I’m card carrying kill-joy.
So sue me…

i believe it isn’t forbidden throughout the religion, but many people do not listen to music during ramadan season. :slight_smile:

also worth noting -
yeah, instead of having people looking at the edits, it turned into a chat, which means it should be split into its own topic

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i have added two relationships, so this is no longer a necessary concern. :slight_smile: i’m sure there are hundreds of other songs that he is credited to.


I’m thinking that if the birthdate is known to be 25th Dec then this is not a real person but instead a character as there is not, AIUI, agreement among historians as to the birthdate of the real person.