Jean-Marie Leclair - Complete flute sonatas - incorrect tracks names

I was starting to edit this release of Jean-Marie Leclair works for flute to associate tracks to works, when I started to find some discrepancies some tracks.

After careful analysis, I have found out that for those 4 tracks:

  • The track names on the release match the names of the tracks on Amazon for the MP3 and streaming options
  • These tracks do not match the names of tracks on the CD back/booklet (you can view on the Amazon page)

I first thought that this was because these were two different releases, with tracks in a different order.

However the tracks on both the CD and Amazon MP3 release have the same length. Checking the samples on Amazon, the tracks recording actually match!

In order to make sure which works is recorded in which tracks, I have checked them against the original music scores which are fortunately available on BNF Gallica (French equivalent of Library of Congres).

So far, the names of tracks from the CD booklet and Amazon’s are incorrect. I will be updating the release with the correct track names and continue linking to works.

I will appreciate if some may vote these changes for them to be validated quickly.

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Also most tracks are incorrectly named, i.e. the track titles do not match the printed documentation … will update those too …

Can you make sure to note this somewhere on the release?
Otherwise there’s a good chance someone with the booklet will change things back again :slight_smile:

I had a note in my edits, but I’ve just added an annotation to the release.
Thanks for suggesting this

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Hi @Algwyn there is still a minor anomaly here. The track/recordings are op. 1 no. 5, but the works are op. 2 no. 5. Which is it?

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