Jaikoz access problems

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hi guys

i have been using jaikoz tagging software succesfully for quite a while now, recently i have come across a problem where jaikoz cannot retrieve the information from the database, even though it is there, have there been any restrictions, or changes to MB’Z that is not allowing access to this information??

regards Jimbo


Likely nothing specific to Jaikoz:

There may be an issue in Jaikoz, too, though; you should ask on its support forums about that.


Hi again , my first port of call was to jaikoz, although i have made no adjustments to this program, and have been using it for quite sometime without problems.

the problem seems to be when i use match to a specific mb album, it comes up with the error " unable to retrieve id from musicbrainz.

i know the album is there, because i have manually search for it,… any suggestions???

Regards Jim


Did you try requesting it again? In Picard it sometimes fails and I just retry and it (usually) works. Occasionally it will take a few times until it comes up.


yes i have tried a few times requesting, in the past if i have edited/added something new, usually the info is there at the second , if not the first attempt, but it is not getting anything back at the moment, has been like this for a couple of weeks

regs jim


New information (accepted edits) usually come up for me after a minute as well. Sounds like you are seeing something different than the occasional need to retry. I haven’t used Jaikoz, so I can’t help much with that.


Have you seen the links chirlu posted above? For me it is still likely this is related to the general connectivity issues MB experiences at the moment.


Yes i have read these guys, thanks…


I just wondered if anybody else was having the same issue with jaikoz/mb’z


I think you will probably find more detailed help in Jaikoz forums, but maybe @ijabz, the Jaikoz developer, can jump in and give some more info :slight_smile: He is around here occasionally.


Since version 8.0 Jaikoz no longer use the MusicBrainz webservice directly, they use their own server. You may experience cases where the JThink Music Server is lagging behind the MusicBrainz server.

http://www.jthink.net/jaikoz/jsp/news/start.jsp (for version Jaikoz 8.0 released December 5th 2014)


Because Jaikoz 8.x uses its own JThink Music Server and the server is not updated every week, I use most of the time Jaikoz 7.1.1 and have exactly the problems which jimbo1954 discribes at the beginning.


MusicBrainz have changed something to do with their rate limiting causing an issue, even when I try and use the webservice from a webbrowser it sometimes fails - incorrectly saying a limit has been hit.


No, correctly saying a limit has been hit: the global rate limit (around 700 requests per second at the moment, I believe, which is already an improvement over the situation a few months ago).


Im not getting the error this moment but the error was clearly of the form you have made too many calls in a 10 second period, rather than a global limit.