I've fixed Simple Last.fm Scrobbler (Android) so it works with Listenbrainz

While the current version has support for Listenbrainz, it doesn’t recognise the updated server response for successful listens and always caches them to try again.

edit: I submitted a pull request to developer on github and it has been merged. It’s available to download on their github releases page here…

I’m not sure when/if this updated version will be posted to the Play Store.


Awesome! I think trying to get these changes to upstream so that people not here in the forums can use them would be really worthwhile.


Well there didn’t seem to be any activity from the dev on recent issues/pull requests but I can give it a try. Also, I’ll see if I can parse the response properly instead of that lazy string check I’m currently using.

It does seem to take a while for them to merge things, but a PR is most likely going to get it fixed upstream than just an issue. My own PR against SLS did take 1 month and a half to get accepted, but it did eventually go into upstream.


I’ve submitted a PR… now to wait and see.

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Your Simple Last.fm Scrobbler doesn’t detect foobar2000 mobile, though it is listed as a supported player on the Google Play entry. Does anyone know if that is a known issue with the regular scrobbler app too? I haven’t used it before…

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It works for me but it doesn’t show as foobar2000. Instead, it shows up as “Android Music Player” Apps in the enabled apps screen.

@paramsingh @Freso , my PR has been merged so hopefully an updated version will be made official soon.


The update is live already, and it seems to be working.

Great work!

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I does work, though the settings say:

“Android Music Player” Apps
This app is not installed

But it does scrobble.

I’ve tried several players and none of them show up in 1.5.6, though ListenBrainz authenticates.

1.5.5 shows the player and caches scrobbles but ListenBrainz doesn’t authenticate.

Anyone else getting this?

I tried but still it cannot scrobble. it show the playing count but does not submit anything to the targeted sites