iTunes tags can't be removed

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f820bb227a0> #<Tag:0x00007f820bb22688>

I used iTunes to convert some files from .wav to .aiff and while doing so it created two tags:
“comment [iTunNORM]” and “comment [iTunPGAP]”.
However, everytime I try to remove these tags they reappear after reloading the affected tracks into picard.
I just select these iTunes tags, use remove, then save tracks and close the application. After opening picard and loading the tracks again, mentioned iTunes tags just reappear. It seems there is no way of removing them.
I am, however, able to edit these tags, i.e. changing the value and save it successfully.
I know these kind of tags have always been a bit problematic, but maybe someone knows how to effectively deal with this…

Thank you!

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There is actually some code in place to prevent the deletion of those special iTunes tags. I’m not sure why, I think this needs to be reviewed. I currently can’t check in more detail, but could you add a ticket to ?

BTW: Think about using a proper, open file format (e.g. FLAC) instead this Apple format.
IMHO Vorbis Comment is also the much better metadata container.

Aren’t you using Windows? In this case I see no real advantage of using an Apple format.

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Thanks a lot for adding this to the issue tracker, much appreciated :slight_smile: I have submitted a fix for this and I think we will have a new release soon with the fix included.

Unfortunately since Picard is deliberately preventing the deletion of those tags there is not much to do about without the fix. One option is to use “Clear existing tags”, but this will really remove all the tags and only rewrite what you have in Picard.

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