iTunes 'Category' Tag Location?

Anyone familiar with the iTunes Category tag? Is it stored in the Track, or does it go into the .plist

Probably going to need a Plugin … Classical Extras? :slight_smile:
I’d like to put my file sorting tag into that field for iTunes.

That tag is specific for podcasts and can’t be edited in iTunes. Picard also does not support it. Mp3Tag does, see PODCASTCATEGORY in

Proper support for this would need to be added for Picard, please open a ticket for this. Picard already supports podcast and podcasturl, but only for MP4 and not ID3. It would make sense to add the complete list of podcast specific fields iTunes supports.

For ID3 you should actually be able to set it with:

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I gather these do not show in the metadata box, but yes- it’s working, found it’s way to iTunes. (tags entered in directly like that)


Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 02.38.16

Using a script from Doug’s iTunes Scripts you can at least get data into it on the iTunes side. But Picard is way better.

I added a ticket for proper support of those fields:

Woohoo!! :wink:

If I could get the Git Branch stuff stuff nailed down flow wise… and I put these extra tags into the testing code I could perhaps even submit it for inclusion :wink:

…and on a Silly Level: PICARD-1701 should have been an Enterprise feature.

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