iTunes album art is mixing when I drag my songs to folder

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In my iTunes library I have set up all my album artwork. But when I drag my song to folder some album artwork is missing or mixed up with other album artwork.
Is it any way that I can drag my song from iTunes with album artwork?
I would be greatful if you could help me.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. Can you perhaps set up the steps to produce the issue using a bullet list?

Also, is the cover art in loose files (e.g., “cover.jpg” or “front.jpg” files) or embedded into the files?

Thanks a lot for your reply and sorry I made my my question unclear.
I have been speaking to “Tag and Rename” support team and they suggest me to use Metabrainz album artwork.
Basically I like to move away from iTunes and go back to old system where the songs are keeped in Folder in MP3 format which is compatible with everything.
However I have a few problem and questions.
•I have got the right tags for my Title, artist, album, artist album, genre & year. Is it possible just to change the album artwork than changing the whole file? (I don’t want to change the taging name, artist, album, artist album, genre & year. Just the art cover.)
•How accuaret is the album cover? Does it search base on tagging or scanning the music? My taggings are very competed.
•Does it find the album artwork in Discogs webiste?
•can it find the album artwork for independent singer?
I would be gratefull if you could help me.
Kind regards,

Picard is designed to write tags based on releases in the database.
The advantage of this approach is that 1 person somewhere around the world can add the release to the database and anyone else that has the same release will be able to use this information and tag thair files.

If the music is found in the database it should have most of the information you want. If something is missing please add it to the database.

Currently cover art will be fetched from the cover art archve at and a list of other sites and overwrite your existing images. There is a feature requests to allow you to preserve your existing images but not currently supported in picard.

Musicbrainz supports the idea of release groups allowing multiple versions so if there is a version in thee usa, europe, australia they could be different releases and potentially wiith thair own cover art.
This does not currently use discogs as a source of cover art, support could potentially be added.

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Thanks for you email.
So it collect the album art from
Is it possible that I just change my album artwork and not changing the tagging?
If it cannot find my album art does it warn me and leave it empty?

Depends on whether you want the cover art written to the tags or just saved as a separate file to the folder.

Not touching the tags and just saving the cover art as separate files is easy: disable “Save tags to files” and configure the image file name in the cover art options.

Saving no tag but the cover art tag is more complicated. While Picard is not really designed for just changing a single tag, you can configure it to do so by telling it to preserve all tags. There are a couple of discussions here about this.

It will leave it empty. It does not actively warn you, but as it does display the cover art prominently at the lower right it is easy to spot before saving.

No. Picard can use different cover art sources, most important of course Cover Art Archive (CAA). Built-in is also support for fetching cover art from Amazon. There is also a plugin for fetching from A Discogs plugin would be totally possible, but so far nobody has written one. I think most editors prefer making cover art available via CAA and copy it over from Discogs if necessary.

One last word: If you use Picard only for cover art I recommend you use the development version (also available from the Picard download page). There have been many improvements in regard to cover art handling, and the even requires that version.


Good answers above!!
Just wanted to add that if you have accurate tags that you want to preserve please try Picard on a copy of your files first.
It can be very easy to forget to change one setting and then overwrite things. Good luck!