It's beginning to look a lot like Bookogs

I had a look at the revisions and most of the usernames are ex-Bookogs contributors.

Good to see @GruenerTee has made the switch. Hopefully, other meticulous submitters will make the move.


Well thanks, good to see you again. Hope the Bookogs data get imported soon and more people will show up here.


Welcome @GruenerTee !

Welcome @GruenerTee to bookbrainz

I’m completely lost in BookBrainz (from France) :wink:
I hope my bookogs works will be imported and make me feel more comfortable.


Bienvenue @MikeBluesFr !

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Welcome to this strange and mysterious new place. I’m having fun so far.


Welcome @GruenerTee and welcome @MikeBluesFr . Nice to see, that more bookogs users join the site.

I see a good chance to import the bookogs and comicogs data here. The databases are backed up and for basic parts I think it is clear how the structures can fit. You might have noticed from other threads, that the huge amount of credit roles, formats, and genres need to be handled somehow. Putting all of them in the annotation field will double the work.

At the moment I wonder, why the images of comicogs are still not uploaded. So I decided to download all images from the ogs sites to make sure, they don’t get lost. I did this for comicogs in advance, but bookogs is much more data. After one day I finished 18000 of the 150000 books. And I try to get all ogs-sites (8 in parallel).


What happened to @agathacrustie ?

I have no idea, his discogs account is also deleted…

Bizarre, they had such a great beginning here too. I looked up to them for guidance here in the early days. Perhaps they are reinventing themselves online (I do this occasionally) and will be back soon or are already registered under a different username.

I doubt that, both accounts were just a few weeks old.

For those who were waiting for the feature, user collections are now in beta:
Collections created in beta will persist, so feel free to try it out and give us feedback !