ISRC import (and others too)

My initial query is how I might be able to take a digital release, say 10 files, and import the ISRCs within those files to MB. Similar to how on the web UI, I can use the parser and take a parsed export from a tagger of just durations, and use the web UI parser to import in those durations to a release listing with no durations… vs manually typing them in. In the same, I would like to take my files, parse the ISRC and import that data to the recordings listed on a release.

I could see this a part of Picard, done similar to how acoustIDs are done, but I would think a web UI feature would be much easier as the onus of parsing is left on the user.

The “and others too” comes into play because this ability would also he helpful for things like adding annotation to recordings, like “live in NYC”, or similar that obviously would adhere to MB guidelines for such things. Another thought is for making tracks as video vs needed to add the recordings and going back into the recording to mark it as video.

I do not believe this is currently possible, but I may just not know where it is. I am aware of ISRC import options for CD, and maybe that script could be modified to accommodate this as well.

I don’t completely understand what you mean, but maybe this 12 hour old topic will help (it allows to import from any text blurb containing ISRC):

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For the most part, you have the basic idea. Difference I am looking for a way to do with a more solid method, like using the parser on the MB website for the track listing. What I mean is that I can see what my import was and how it will be applied before I commit to applying it.

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