Is there any problem with Spotify?

Hi, from 23/04/2024 10:59 am listenbrainz stop adding my spotify scrobbles, some days ago it happen the same but just for some hours. i have too, but there is no problem. so is just me or spotify or listenbrainz have some problems?



Sometime spotify freaks out and sends us spurious messages that cause the collection of listens to break. When this happens we normally send email to the end-user in question. Maybe check your spam folder?

In any case, go to the music services page and disconnect your spotify and connect it again. Wait a few hours and see if that fixes things. If not, follow up here please.


Ohhh thanks i recently disconnect and reconnect the Spotify services. I will check the email.


It’s working now, I lost some scrobbles, but not many.