Is there an online version?

Is there an online version of picard where no software installation is required.

No, but for Windows there’s a portable version that, as far as I remember, does not require actual installation, maybe that works for your needs?


Depending on your use case there is also the third-party docker-picard, which runs the Picard desktop app inside a docker container and makes it available remotely, including accessing it via the web browser. That makes it possible to e.g. tag files directly on a server without the need to copy files between the server and your local system.

Running a desktop app inside a browser window is a bit odd but works surprisingly well. There is a short video of it in Unexpected Picard Setups – MetaBrainz Blog

If you use this please just note that this is a third-party packaging and support requests should go to docker-picard’s issue tracker. It’s also currently still using Picard 2.8.5.


Wow - I didn’t know about this docker version.

I store my music files on my NAS so that they can be streamed using e.g. Plex, and my NAS can run docker images, so running Picard using docker is a great solution for me.

I will have to give it a try…