Is there a way to report a JIRA user for spam?

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I got a notification about MBS-9349 a few minutes ago, notifying me that a user I’ve never seen before had modified it by attaching an audio file of their own music. I do not know of a way to remove the file or report the user as a spammer. Can someone help?

Update #1: They’re now adding links to their DistroKid account too. I don’t want to copy anything they’ve posted here, as there’s potential it could be malicious.

Update #2: @reosarevok cleaned up after the spammer, but I still want to know how to deal with instances like this when they arise, in case they fly under the radar.

Update #3: This person tried reassigning the ticket to themselves. See above for why I’m still providing a play-by-play.


Go to their MusicBrainz user page and report the user. In your report, put a link to their spammed page (you can see history in Jira tickets).

This person doesn’t appear to have a MusicBrainz user page for me to report. Their JIRA profile doesn’t have any links associated with it.
Edit: Never mind, I found their MB profile (using the same name, go figure) and reported them from there.