Is there a way to display all the tags I chose in the options menu?

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007fd2da3165c8>

I love Picard’s interface, I keep other stuff like easy tag and puddletag for deleting album art or bulk renaming of files. But I still want to edit tags and live in picard.

Is there a way to make picard display these tag options I picked:

And have it appear everytime even if the tag is not present so I can add it in manually here?

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You might try something like the following in a tagging script. WARNING: Untested code follows:

$setmulti(_my_tags,album; albumartist; artist; title; tracknumber; totaltracks; discnumber; totaldiscs; date)

If this works as intended, it will set the value of each of the tags to “not set” 0 if the tag is empty or missing.

EDIT: Changed the default value from “not set” to “0” because some tags (such as discnumber, totaldiscs, tracknumber and totaltracks) might be expecting a numeric entry only.


While I’m not the OP, I wanted to say thanks for sharing - this is fantastic! I tried cooking something up like this in the past myself, but failed miserably :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

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So I just added the script like so:

But when I import an album folder and then cluster it, some of the items still didn’t show up with 0.
So I am thinking that I need to hit save first, and then edit the 0 values?

Edit, clicked save but after moving the values still weren’t applied.

Edit 2, you gotta right click on the files and then hit run scripts. Problem now solved.

Edit 3, don’t need to add Length value. As most tracks already have it and running the script adds another one.

Or better yet, match your files to a release in MusicBrainz. This is explained in the Using Picard section of the Picard User Guide. The tagger script will be run automatically when the release is retrieved from MusicBrainz.

Yes, I have tried this function in beets using the musicbrainz database. But I have to say I would rather tag my own files manually to values I like. Thank you for bringing it up.