Is there a way to delete embedded album art?

In other tag editors like puddletag I can select the embedded art and then delete it.

But upon right clicking picard I do not see such option. Is there another way to do it or I will to install some plugin?

OS: Arch
DE: Gnome
Version: MusicBrainz Picard 2.6.4-1, community

Ya, I’ve requested they put in common Right-Click options like Copy/Paste, Delete would be another etc.
I don’t understand why these and others aren’t coming in the next update.

So, the way you have to do it is simply “drag-and-drop” the image file you want into the TOP image, and the image will be replaced. So, that’s their version of “delete” image, you have to “replace” it.

But sometimes I wouldn’t want any image at all embedded. Do you have a solution for that too?

Thank you for making the request.

Looks like about 5,198 open issues in the ticket tracker :wink:

I can’t find your ticket leeuniverse (?) but this one has been around for a long time and seems like what you want @drench:


Stick mp3tag in your toolbox. Picard is great for its links in to the database, but MP3Tag is better for it bulk editing abilities. I use them together to cover all my tagging needs.

MP3tag will let you load up multiple albums in one go, and remove art from all of them in one click.

Only downfall is I can’t use it in linux.

Ah - sorry. Missed that bit. But same theory works, use puddletag to delete the images, but picard to work with the database. Picard is not really a tag editor. It is more of a tag look up and match in a database tool. Which is why I have two things in the toolbox.

Funny to see the puddletag home page describes the app as “similar to the Windows program, Mp3tag”

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So what I do is sort by image type, and then delete album by album in puddle. Since it can’t really handle bulk.

Do you know a better trick?

Edit, maybe this is the best way, and it isn’t too much of a bother either except initial load time.

I use Mp3tag and an another windows app IrfanView on linux all the time as I haven’t found no native alternatives that I’m happy with. Wine :wink:


True, I might look into wine with mp3tag. I do have to change the ugly interface though to something more modern for wine apps.