Is there a tagging script tutorial?

I know there is a brief introduction to tagging script creation.(
However, I find it to be a bit opaque. I cannot quite understand all the syntax involved and while it can be helpful if all I wanted to do is cut and paste a snippet presented there into my installation and test it to determine if it has the desired effect.
Rather I would like to be able to understand the scripting language well enough to be able to modify a snippet to my liking if it did not have the desired effect or (gasp) begin from scratch to shape my metadata to present my library to me as I wish to view it.
For instance, if I find the default implementation of the “Date” tag to be annoying, causing the presentation of my Beatles collection to be out of chronological sequence, I might like to eliminate the irrelevant (to me) “Date” tag and replace it with the much more relevant “Original Year” tag or if I suddenly realize that the “Date” tag might indeed have some relevancy, perhaps demote the priority of the “Date” tag and elevate the priority of the “Original Year” tag. I imagine something like this might even be able to be implemented in the User Interface someday.
Is there such a tutorial that you can direct me to study? Or maybe we could start a dedicated discussion group here where scripting Gurus can initiate us neophytes in the art of scripting.

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There is the official documentation you linked to, but I don’t know of a real tutorial. Maybe the following post, where I explain a naming script step by step, can help you:

Help understanding Picard naming script system for noob