Is there a script that can change join phrases?

I don’t use Picard to create folders, but an editor is asking because of the differences on release groups. For example on some release groups it maybe “Bob Dylan and The Band” on other’s “Bob Dylan & The Band”. They are getting 2 different folders and want to only have 1 for tagging.

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Wont it work by going to option/Metadata and tick “Use standardized artist names” ?

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I thought about that, but this is 2 artists, not 1. I think standardized names would just take out the “credited as” on artist relationships, not make every “and” join phrase to “&” or vice versa.

Yeah, I just tried that that standardized names and it doesn’t change “and” to “&” or other way around.

You can probably cobble something together using the variables produced in the Additional Artists Variables plugin. Docs at