Is there a reason why we can't attach wikidata-url's to recordings?

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Wikidata supports Musicbrainz Recording ID but not the other way around. Any particular reason or is this just an oversight?


Just guessing here, but I believe it’s because the Wikidata object represents the song itself and not any particular recording of it, and that maps better to a MusicBrainz “Work” instead of a “Recording”.


As far as I know that is neither an established practice nor a rule from Wikidata’s perspective all though it might initially have looked that way to due to 1-1 mapping of Wikipedia articles about songs.


I have nothing against allowing Wikidata for recordings when the Wikidata page is about a specific recording. I haven’t seen many examples of that though, most map to the Wikipedia things and are mostly about works. Are there a fair amount of recording items?


I see one problem with this: When you add a Wikidata link the system doesn’t check the “instance of” setting of the WD item so you can currently link a WD item of an artist to a work or release group.
I think artists, works and release groups are different enough that not a lot of mistakes happen, but if we enabled WD links for recordings I believe tons of links would end up there that don’t actually belong.


MBS should really do that, though!
Good spot, I have updated a ticket where it could be usefully checked:


Not a massive amount, but the number is growing as WD editors are encouraged to separate works, releases and recordings.