Is there a need (or a way) to add tags to Jira tickets?

the question is in the title

I’m talking tags like here on Discourse, like #jira and #tickets right above this post

I’m specifically looking to group a couple mobile-related issues from multiple projects, CB-456 and LB-1102, that way any developers looking to improve the mobile experience can find them more easily~

although, if tags like this aren’t wanted/needed, I’d like to know as well before I start adding a bunch of tags to tickets I come across… :melting_face:


It’s the “labels” field on Jira where you can add arbitrary tags. But I don’t know if everyone can edit them.

Also how and if they are used for sure depends a lot on the project. But for example for Picard I do use them for some tags.

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that’s what I thought that field was. I can add them to existing tickets, from what I can tell

as implied (but not said) in my initial post, this would be a cross-project label, since it can apply to anything with a mobile interface, similar to how good-first-bug seems to be used

I’ll go ahead and add the label to the two tickets I linked