Is there a GUI client for Linux?

Windows and MacOS versions of the submission program have GUI versions ( Is the GUI version for a Linux desktop not available, or is it just not linked on the download page?
The MusicBrainz Picard, for example, provides a Linux GUI.

Even though I’ve never used it, the acousticbrainz-gui also seems to be compatible with Linux, it’s just that a precompiled version is not made available on the AB website. Try and search if there is a package available for your distro. For example, @Freso maintains an unofficial package for Arch Linux in the AUR. You should try to find a package anyway rather than download a precompiled binary from a website, I mean, that is one of the virtues of using Linux where you can leverage an integrated ecosystem of packages. :smiley:

I have not used the gui client for years.
You should be able to download the source, cmake,make to compile.

I normally use the command line client in a screen session running on my nas as calculating can take a long time.
The client keeps track of what it has processed so you can run the client over the same directory when you add more music.

Thanks to @wlhlm and @dns_server for giving answers to this question. @wlhlm is correct that the gui can be compiled in linux. The main reason that we didn’t distribute one is that I didn’t know at the time how to compile and distribute a single binary that had the greatest chance of running on as many different distributions at once.
Since then there are a number of new tools that are gaining traction such as snap or flatpack. We could look at distributing a gui using one of these tools if there is interest in it.

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For the client work and unifying command line and GUI client @gabrielcarvfer’s pull request looks really promising.

Yes, definitely something to look into. We had both for Picard for a while, but managed by external contributors. I took over the maintenance of the Snap recently. Happy to support you if you want to go this route.

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