Is there a difference/preference using 'instruments' vs. 'performer'?

Just wondering:

I was looking at this release:

MusicBrainz mentions Adrian Belew as ‘performer’.
In the booklet somewhere it reads: Adrian Belew: ‘instruments’.

I noticed that it is possible to have ‘instruments’ as an entry.
Is there a preference what to use in such cases?
(personally I lean towards using ‘instruments’ here)

Instruments is a bit more specific than performer (you can also perform vocals, for example), so if your information is more specific, please use it.


Thanks, I edited it. I hope it doesn’t offend the original editor that put the original work in it.

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Nobody should be offended by that :slight_smile: Everyone’s goal is to make the data better, after all!

I seem to remember at some point it wasn’t possible to select just “instruments” without an instrument being specified, so it might be you’re even just helped fix something the original editor wanted to do, but couldn’t!


Haha, I just learned that from making a mistake with ‘vocals’, where I was then taught that it isn’t necessary to specify ‘vocals’ further either.

But now I am wondering how Picard will handle having just ‘instruments’ for an artist.
A quick check seems to indicate it doesn’t pick up on that, but I may be wrong.
Maybe I’ll investigate that a bit further later on, and then perhaps create a separate topic for that.

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Yes, that’s exactly why I used the performer credit. I would have chosen “instruments” if I could. Thanks, @Rai_ner for fixing those credits.