Is there (a correct) way to suggest MusicBrainz features?

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…and/or to see what features are currently being considered/developed/rejected?

For the MusicBrainz project you can look up all the open tickets on jira at

You can also enter suggestions or wish list items on the same site.


Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!


The Bug tracker
will give you a fine grained view. Perhaps an overwhelming view.

If you want to see what is getting current attention have a look and ask on IRC
I get the impression that IRC is where the coders hang.

For a strategic view have a look at the blog



IRC - That is…seriously quaint :slight_smile: I’m no Slack fan-boy myself but I have no idea what client I would even use to follow something like that. And I came on board in the the nineties, hehe.,metabrainz

The above is the low-tech-skilled way to get in.
It works quite well from what I see - though a lot of what is discussed is way over my head.

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I don’t know about low-tech-skilled, but it’s certainly low tech! Weird that they would use a legacy platform like this for text chat and at the same time promote a completely infant service like for video chats…

IRC is fairly standard for this kind of project because yes, it’s low-tech (which means it has a very low barrier of entry for people who just want to come in and get quick help) but at the same time, from what I’ve seen of tools like Slack, it has most of the good things of Slack anyway. I use a “fancy” client with always-online options (IRCCloud), but the main drawback I can see otherwise (you need to be connected to see history) matters much less when the channels are logged :slight_smile:

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…looks great, but there’s no Windows client? I need a Windows client :frowning:


Already the romance underlieing all major databases is effecting you.

Welcome aboard.


IRCCloud runs in the browser - I’ve read good things of HexChat for Windows, for 100% free ones :slight_smile:

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If only MetaBrainz HQ was really in a Sunless Skies style steam train! :smiley: