Is the map in Year in Music correct?

My most listened artist last year was Pestilence - MusicBrainz, A Dutch band, but they are absent from the Netherlands in the map here. The artist country seems to be set correctly, so shouldn’t they show on the map? More artists seem to be missing, and a lot of artists on the map have only been listened to a few times or only once.


@Maxr1998 sleuthed this out in IRC:

1:28 AM monkey: I think I have identified the reason for the map issue. The artist country cache only maps artist whose area is a descendant of a country: listenbrainz-server/ at master · metabrainz/listenbrainz-server · GitHub. If the artist’s area is the country itself, that query won’t return a result.

Not ideal :sweat_smile:

A few other fun bugs cropping up! Hopefully most are fixable for this (last) year’s YIM

Edit: apparently the country bug is already fixed!


Indeed we noticed too that there was something going wrong. Should be fixed now, but do let us know if you encounter other issues !