Is automation possible?

I’ve reached a point where I’m fairly comfortable with what data is being scrapped for tagging info (knock on wood). I’m curious if it’s possible to automate the tagging process in any fashion? Ideally, I want to set up a scheduled task to scan a specified folder every…1hr-3hrs-5hrs…whatever, grab the best match for tagging and renaming results, then once it’s completed, move the data to it’s final resting place. I know that the last portion (moving the data to it’s final resting place) is capable within the software itself, but not sure about the initiation…
I guess basically my question is…can musicbrainz picard be ran via command line? Has anyone built a working solution?

No, Picard cannot update your library without user interaction. You should take a look at Beets for automatically updating your music library.


Will do. I’m not excited about the idea of running a linux platform only app on my primary windows-based environment …but I do have a linux VM that i can mess around with so it would be at least possible on some level. I’ll get beets installed and see what i come up with, thanks for the advice again

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beets is cross-platform

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I took a look over the doc, i see that it can be installed on windows with some extra steps, I’ll give it a go

If you run into any issues, please let me know! I help maintain beets, but most of our devs aren’t on Windows so we’re always looking for input on how to improve the docs.

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