Is Anyone Using Helium Music Manager?

I am using Helium and can’t seem to get a couple of tags to cross over.
For example: Catalog Number, Quality, Encoded By, and a couple others.

Helium shows these as follows:
TXXX, Description: #Helium Custom Field 9, Content: Exact Audio Copy > for Encoded by
COMM, Description: Catalog Number, Content: UDCD 643 > for Catalog Number
COMM, Description: Songs-DB_Preference, Content: Very good copy > for Quality

Every one of these should have a tag like TENC, TMED, etc.

All the other ones I can get except these that are contained in TXXX or COMM.

If you’re using Helium and have figured this out, PLEASE tell me :slight_smile:

Which way do.ypu want it? Write those tags with Picard so Helium sees them or have the tags from Helium shown in Picard?

In any way, Helium uses some custom tags for this info.

For the “TXXX:#Helium Custom Field 9” you would see this in Picard as “#Helium Custom Field 9”. In script you can get this with $get(#Helium Custom Field 9), or use $get to write it.

The two COMM fields should show up as.comment tags with the description in Picard (“comment:Catalog Number” and “comment:Songs-DB_Preference”). Again you can read/write them in scripts with $get or $set.

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:slight_smile: I guess that would have helped in my explanation. I want to be able to use Picard then send that info to Helium. I have tried everything. I just don’t think I’ve got it coded right :frowning:

Something like this should do:

$set(#Helium Custom Field 9,%encodedby%)
$set(comment:Catalog Number,%catalognumber%)
$set(comment:Songs-DB_Preference,Not sure where to get this from)

This would set the values from existing default tags (e.g. Picard’s encoded by corresponds to TENC in ID3). Not sure how the quality is stored already in your files.

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I will try that method. Thanks :slight_smile: