Is anyone else having issues with the Spotify connection today?

I’m trying to get a friend set up with ListenBrainz, and haven’t got any submissions for either listen history or now playing to show up on their ListenBrainz profile… I was wondering if it was because we got an error during the connection, but we disconnected and reconnected their account, and I even tested with my Spotify to my ListenBrainz profile, and mine isn’t submitting listens either, so I think it might be a wider problem than just with their new account…


Yep, the team has been fighting with a yet undiagnosed issue that is making all of our services unstable. Stay tuned.


I figured that was probably the issue, but just wanted to be sure it was known~ thank you~

edit: all the listens seemed to come through~ I guess the Spotify pipe was clogged for a few hours