Is a Remix a Cover?

When an artist has one of their songs remixed (or dubbed, overdubbed…), should that recording be linked to its work with the “cover” attribute?

For example like in Edit #102481130 - MusicBrainz, is the “cover” attribute correct or not?
(Note the remix is so different from the original that it’s almost unrecognisable)

The remix recording artist is still original artist Billy Idol.
So it cannot be a cover in this status, IMO.


I received a similar feedback from another editor (Edit #103903364 - MusicBrainz), so I was going to look for some consensus here before going back and fix my past edits of that kind!


I agree with @jesus2099 on the example given, but I could see cases where a remix could possibly also be a cover, say an instrumental of a remix where the instrumental part is all original, and only the vocals were used from the original. The Living Tombstone has quite a lot of these (yes, this release needs some work…)