Hello Everyone! I am Prabhleen, in my second year of B.Tech graduation in IT field. I have done projects on open source and participated in Hackthon. I am comfortable with node.js and Express, and willing to learn React so that i can contribute more.
When i started exploring projects, Book-Brainz caught my attention, and i also found some small issues that i can resolve.
I cloned the code for Book-Brainz on my local system and was beginning to edit it in VSCode. I am just getting some error while running it. i have installed node.js and npm commands are working fine but to install postgresql, i have to use “sudo apt-get install postgresql” which throws an error as “no such cmdlet, function, …”.
i am getting what are the isues specified in the tickets and really want to contribute, but just little stuck with getting the code running on my system.
Anyone here, who is also using VScode, do suggest.

also i am not able to join the IRC channel. I don’t know why, but i denies the connection the server everytime. So, please suggest the latest link to join your IRC channel.
Thank You. :slight_smile:

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