Introduction thread!

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Hi, good to know that, many areas that don’t show up that I wish did… now I know who to bother :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @reosarevok
Many questions coming you’re way, once I get my other projects done, so stay posted.


User from a small town, been using the site since 2004. I edit a lot. :sunglasses:
I also don’t really talk much.


Hi MusicBrainzers!
AzoreanGigolo here, a.k.a. AzoresOne, a.k.a. argoNut on AXA (my “portfolio” here). Took awhile to introduce myself here because I wasn’t aware one could only post 3 times in each thread, so I had to delete one…
Anyways, I’m a Portuguese-Canadian (English is my native language) and I now live in the beautiful islands of the Azores — the Hawaii of Europe or as I prefer to consider: Hawaii: the Azores of America :stuck_out_tongue: — you can read the rest of my short bio at my MBz page.

How I came across MusicBrainz? Don’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure it was through Picard. At the time I was pretty happy with MP3 Tag Studio by Magnus Brading and occasionally used Picard on the side. One day I decided to feed it my cousin’s incomplete titled opera tracks and what came out the other end was to me simply magic. :sunrise: Been hooked ever since! BTW any known release date for update?
As many users stated about MusicBrainz, I also found it cumbersome back in 2010, tried it a bit and eventually sorta gave up… since I do have many different interests and projects going on at the same time, I do tend to jump from one to another, so it’s been an off-and-on thing with MBz but more stable lately.
I’ve also been trying to “clean” my mp3s, i.e., correctly tag my entire collection as well for years now… probably still a year or so to go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so that’s why you don’t seem me much on forums, etc and why I don’t spend much time voting, something I consider very important.
One of my other goals is to correct and case-correct ALL Portuguese language releases (I don’t agree that it’s Sentence case, but that’s another issue).
Cheerio :tophat:


Hi !
I am from Paris, France. I am a web developer and I have this idea since a long time to create smartphone app where I can scan the barcode of my CDs I have at home and fill in a library of my all I have so when I am in a store, I can tell if I already have this CD or not, or to have the ability to sort my library to improve and it is organize…
This kind of app anyway.
So I was really happy to find your XML service and discover this large community of music lovers!
Hoping I will be able to help anyone…

MusicBrainz smartphone app

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I am from Sri Lanka. I am currently a computer science undergraduate and currently in my internship period.
I came across MusicBrainz through [foobar2000] ( they have a MusicBrainz component. :slight_smile: . I have this need :worried: to keep my music tags clean, organized and with my personal mood, genre tags for easily find what to play. Picard plugins like this are really helping me to do exactly that.:heart_eyes:
I don’t have much collections in MusicBrainz but these are the stuff i mostly listen to :slight_smile:
English is not my native language so I wish i could speak English properly :smile:



I’m, Abby from Spain. I’m a newbie as an editor, I started the last year. I really like tagging my music files and discovered MB when I was using its tagger in MusicBee player. I entered to add a new artist and I couldn’t stop.
I love listening to music and am always discovering new bands and albums, specially ska, reggae, rap and punk.


Where in Spain do you live? (You should go and enter in your location at :slight_smile:)


If you want to, that is (“Be as specific as you want to!”).


Hey everyone,
nice to have a community forum here now. :slight_smile:

I’m using MusicBrainz for some time now, mostly with Picard. But I also add new releases and improve the library - but not on a regular basis.

See you around…


My Name is Don Khalifa a content provider snd artiste at May5Billionaires.


Hey! Im jade and im interested in anything dealing with music. I am proud to say that I love singing, dancing, and I want to go to school for music production.


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Evevenin’ at least it is here in sunny Cornwall, The Lizard to be precise.

I release music as Anatomist, or A N A T O M I S T if I’m being picky, and also help out at Machine Records. I found my way here due to various bad mp3 tags but now I’m starting to look around and I’m finding there’s more to this place than meets the eye. Will be having a proper look round over the next few days but wanted to say hi as I don’t want to just pop up and flood everyone with edits from the blue.

Please let me know if I’m doing anything wrong, I don’t get offended.

I thought I’d start with my own stuff so if I make mistakes on my head be it but I’d like to update the whole Machine Records catalogue now that it’s been tarted up, re-booted and relaunched. If that’s OK of course.

Anyway that’s me, hope to say hi, get advice and help out any others if I can. My specialty is the more obscure end of electronic music. Oh and I worked for the PRS Foundation for a few years so have some experience in identifying songs/composers/arrangements too.



Hi! I’m Colby from US. I’ve been on MusicBrainz since 2014, adding artists and mostly editing releases.


Hello friends, I’m new here. I really want to have fun here.


Hi im watson387, a construction worker from Pennsylvania in the US. I’m new here. I have a massive cd collection that I’ve begun archiving and found Musicbrainz through Morituri. As I rip my cds I’ve been looking them up here and adding releases and edits if I have any. Really enjoying the site.


Hi All,

Newbie Alert!!:blush:
Roctrong here, I am musician from Dublin, Ireland. I am still learning how to use MusicBrainz, especially the tags. I am mainly into Funk, Soul, and Rock and Roll. Hopefully I’ll be able to share a lot of music with you :heart_eyes:


Hello all, my friends call me Bowen.

I’m a musician and music is a huge part of my life. I’ve been ripping, downloading, burning, and etc, music ever since the ability to do those things came to be. My music collection is huge and still growing… everything from Bird to Slayer… even a fair amount of rap/r&b. I generally have no use for pop or the people who insist on playing it constantly, but every now and then something will catch my ear… I have a few guilty pleasures cough JPOP cough.

Tagging is something that always frustrated me back before MP3 players came around. My usual method was to burn the music to a virtual disc image and then rip it back to MP3 at the desired bitrate after tagging the cd in whatever program I used with Win98. The better CD players could display a lot of metadata and I hated seeing random/incorrect/missing information scrolling across my deck, so I spent a lot of time organizing. Over the years I’ve changed methods numerous times and completely replaced my library at least twice.

My purchase of a Zune changed everything… MediaMonkey is still my go to application for encoding (love that it renames the files and creates the artist/album folders just the way I like them) but its tagging feature (while very good) has left me disappointed many times.

There’s no counting the times I wanted to smash something because Amazon’s data wasn’t exactly right. The wrong country’s release. The wrong track titles, or track order. No track titles. No album art. I asked myself what kind of black hearted bastards could stand to have so many glaring errors/inconsistencies in their information. All this was made more complicated when I dropped Windows in favor of Linux. Virtual machines, dual booting, bah. EasyTAG works almost as well as MediaMonkey, but it’s painfully slow and not very intuitive. I’ve been making what I have work, at the expense of a LOT of my time and a fair amount of my sanity.

And then yesterday I stumbled upon Metabrainz Picard while dinking around to see if anything new and exciting had happened in audio tagging. This community is absolutely the answer to all my prayers.

What’s not to love? It’s available on Linux. It’s incredibly fast. I’ve already found metadata for two albums that every other available tagger couldn’t find, which makes Picard the most accurate program of it’s kind that I’ve tried. I’ve still got one new record I can’t find metadata for… BUT WAIT, I can contribute the information for this record and suddenly the next guy won’t have the same problem.

TL;DR …I’m really excited to have found this community. I greatly appreciate all the hard work put in by the developers and users alike. I’ll be contributing at every opportunity.

If someone has any tips/tricks/recommendations for getting started adding new info to the database, I’d love to hear them (send me a PM or something please).