Introducing to the community

Hey everyone, myself Kailash Kejriwal, an engineering sophomore from IIIT Gwalior, India. I am proficient with Python, JavaScript and love to contribute to the open source projects using the same. I am also good with full stack development in MERN, Flask, Django, PostgreSQL and I am currently enhancing my skills in blockchain development. More of me at
As I start my journey in this open source community, I want to contribute to the organization, learn new things, solve the upcoming challenges, and gain a hands-on experience under the guidance of the mentors.

Feels really great to be a part of this community! :grin:


Welcome @kailash360 !
Let me know if if you have any questions as you get set up.
There’s currently an issue with the initial setting up of the local database, but I’ve got a fix just about ready.

Hello @mr_monkey ,
I was trying to start the application but faced this error.

Any solution to this?

P.S: I am running the application manually, without docker

Hi @kailash360

I just tried running locally from the latest master and with a fresh dependency install and can’t reproduce the issue.
Since it looks like it affects multiple packages, I’m wondering if the dependencies were installed correctly.
Are the files printed in the error logs empty?

Could you try removing the node_modules folder (rm -rf node_modules from the repo root) and then doing a fresh install again (yarn install)?