Introducing the Beta of ListenBrainz iOS app

Greetings, Everyone!

I am happy to announce that we now have the Beta available for the ListenBrainz iOS app and would like to get your early feedback in.

Please download it via TestFlight from Join the ListenBrainz beta - TestFlight - Apple

Features currently supported are:

  • Basic Feed
  • Shazam support so that you can identify songs being played around you and submit those to LB directly in the future
  • Listening history profile page
  • Settings page

Do give it a try. Thanks a lot for your support!


Installed on my 14 Pro Max. Looks good! Is feedback preferred through TestFlight, Forums, JIRA tickets, or all of the above?

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On my iPad I could install the App but it‘s not possible to open it. When trying to start the App it crashes at once.

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All of the above, @DontMindMe ! You can submit a ticket on JIRA under the Mobile Applications board

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Thanks for trying out the app, @MuLiO1 ! Can you please try and update the app to the 1.0.0(9) version and see if that fixes the issue?

I installed it on my iPhone 13, but I only see a black background. The only page which works for me is the shazam one.

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hi @skuks!, Make sure that you have connected spotify with your listenbrainz account on the web and follow some users to have a feed to be shown on the app.

Oh okayy, would be cool though if we could display that on the app to provide better context to the users. Now I have a feed :slight_smile: .
But I still don’t see anything on the listens page although my spotify account is connected and I am able to see my listens on the website. (maybe because i don’t have spotify premium?)

@skuks Thanks for raising your concern. You probably haven’t added your LB token and username in the settings section. Do that, hit save and check then.

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Works now, thanks! :+1:

Sorry for replying so late to your request!
Now the App is already updated to 1.0.0(10). On the test flight I have switched on the „automatic update“.
Unfortunately the situation is still the same, the App crashes at once when I try to open it. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Now the App is updated to 1.0.0(13) but unfortunately the situation is still unchanged.
My fingers are crossed there will be a version somewhere in the future which doesn’t crash on my iPad!

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@MuLiO1 Thanks for reporting the issue. I am on it. Will fix soon

Good news! The version 1.0.0(15) I can open on my iPad. It’s nice to see this kind of progress.


Happy to have you support us, @MuLiO1 ! Means a lot