Interested To build Administration System, an Admin panel and Categorise users according to privilege - GSoC 2022

First of all thank you admin and all developers to build such a system of all-in-one source of metadata!

Hello their, I’m Souvik Mandal, 2nd year student, an open source JavaScript developer and built several projects with SQL database, mongoDB, ExpressJS.

In bookbrainz website I added/edited some Authors and some metadata of literature to get familiar with the whole environment.
Currently I have set up the local environment for bookbrainz in my device which is working perfectly!
Started understanding the codebase…

if possible I will add the front-end part too to utilise the back-end admin panel APIs.
It’s my first time to contribute in GSOC and I’m eagerly waiting to discuss about this project with mentor.


Welcome @8bitsouvik !

We don’t currently have more information than what’s on our wiki page, but if you have specific questions I’d be happy to answer them :slight_smile:

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